Giro di Lombardia – Niemiec 5th

Giro di Lombardia – Niemiec 5th

He’s from Poland, this is his first season il Lampre-ISD and in Giro di Lombardia he was the best blue-fucsia cyclist at the arrival in Lecco: Przemyslaw Niemiec obtained a good 5th place, at 8″ to the winner Zaugg.
Niemiec pedaled with Cunego for most of the race but, when Damiano could not have the pace of the head of the race on the climb of Villa Vergano, the Polish rider tried to do his best in order to give to his team an important result: he succeeded in reaching the arrival (photo) in the first group of chasers of Zaugg, with Martin (2nd), Rodriguez (3rd), Basso (4th) and Pozzovivo (6th).
Cunego crossed the finish line in 27th position, with a gap 1’15”.

“My target for today was to support in the best way Cunego – Niemiec explained – Damiano could not be in the head group in the topic moment, so I tried to use my good fit for a good result that makes me very happy. This was my first season in a World Tour team and I think that it has been full of beautiful moments”. 

This is the comment by Cunego: “I was willing to perform a good race, also becaue I had improve my fit in China to a competitive level. Despite this, I could not be brilliant in the heat moments of the race, probably I suffered for the weeks of stop at the beginning of September caused by illness. My compliments to the winner and to my team mate Niemiec”.

1st Zaugg  6h20’02”
2nd Martin  8″
3rd Rodriguez  s.t.
4th Basso  s.t.
5th Niemiec  s.t.
27th Cunego  1’15”, 54th Mori  12’31”

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