Movie for Lardini Srl, tailored suites supplier

Movie for Lardini Srl, tailored suites supplier

Lampre-ISD published on website a new video, this time it is dedicated to a new partner: Lardini Srl.

 The visit that Luigi Lardini paid in San Vincenzo to the training camp of Lampre-ISD was the best moment to start in an official way the cooperation that will allow blue-fuchsia team to wear the tailored suits that will be provided by Lardini Srl.
In most important events of 2012 season, cyclists and managers of the team will display the suits that are realized by the Italian haute couture company.

 Lardini Srl, based in Filottrano (the same city where Michele Scarponi lives) is a haute couture company whose aim is to use the traditional knowledge and skills in order to focus the attention on the innovation and on the research of new styles.
The Italian company can realize unique clothes, that are manufactured also for important brands, thanks to his skills of understanding the customer needs, the flexibility of the realizations and the quickness of the performance.

 “We’re very proud to start the new cooperation with such important partner – Giuseppe Saronni said – Our cyclists will travel all around the world in style, thanks to the suites that the haute couture Lardini will provide us: Lampre-ISD’s image will be improved. I thank Lardini family for the trust in our team”.

In photo (by Bettini), Luigi Lardini and his aide Alessandro Osimani are with Lampre-ISD’s cyclists, who are wearing Lardini suites.

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